Kid’s keepsake box: How to create one with craft sticks!

July 29, 2017


Create a Kid’s Keepsake Box

Have you tried making a kid’s keepsake box? We gave it a try and came away with an original work of art to house everyday items as well as precious keepsakes.   My son is a collector of baubles and trinkets.  He treasures small shells, stones, sticks, and all manner of shiny little finds.  So this summer we decided to make a keepsake box to house his favorites.  He loves to build, so we made ours out of craft sticks, glue, and paint. 

Kid's keepsake box

Gathering Supplies for a Kid’s Keepsake Box

All you really need here is a bunch of craft sticks and some glue, but paint and decorative items sure do make it more fun!  At the last minute we found some wood letters if you are wanting to make words.

You will need:

About 50 craft sticks

Liquid glue

Paint and brushes: Tempera gives a more painterly look and watercolor is more like a stain of color.  (We used tempera)

Optional items to bedazzle with:  All manor of sparkly beads and baubles,  Natural items and found items.  Glitter glue.

Optional:  I also bought a premade box from the craft store’s dollar bin.  It was nice to have another box to decorate and also makes a great gift.

kid's keepsake box

Building A Kid’s Keepsake box

You can see above that we lined up as many sticks as it takes to get across the length of one stick.  Next, glue the top and bottom sticks along the edge.  You will need to do this twice, once for the lid and once for the bottom of the box.

Next, put a drop of glue on all four corners.  Then, lay a stick across each side that is “empty”.  Or you may say it is the side that is the lowest.  That’s how I described it to my son.  Once they understand that direction they may be able to finish the box on their own.  They will just repeat that step until the box is as high as desired.  The lid does not need to be built up.

kid's keepsake box

Painting and Bedazzling A Kid’s Keepsake Box!

The next step is the fun part!  Just set out paints and let them get creative!  This step is great for any age.  We chose tempera, for a brighter, bolder painterly effect.  Watercolor will give you a more subtle effect and act as a wood stain.  I let it sort of dry, but it worked out gluing on top of semi wet paint.  He was just so excited he couldn’t wait!  We glued on some of his favorite baubles he found in a variety of places.  You can use almost anything.  The sky is the limit here.  We used a little stick for a handle, and we had some wood letters on hand to make his name.

kid's keepsake box

kid's keepsake box

And then, he made my day by saying “For you mommy.  It’s for all the special things I give you.”  He just melts my heart sometimes. 

Create a handmade kid's keepsake box  with craft sticks! With this simple craft you will come away with an original work of art to house everyday trinkets or precious keepsakes. Great for gifts too.

I picked up a small premade wood box from the dollar bin of the local craft store which extended his fun painting and bedazzling session.  He made this beauty here. 

kid's keepsake box

Do you have any special containers or places for your special treasures?  I would love to hear about it!

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