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Throughout this website, I present and suggest art and educational activities, resources, products, and ideas that I believe are beneficial and safe for children.  However, I am not acting in a professional capacity and am not responsible for the results of any suggested activity, product, resource or idea.  The person who decides to use this website is ultimately responsible for selecting appropriate activities for their children or students and the results thereof.


I will sometimes provide links to other websites that I find useful but I am not responsible for the content of those websites.


Comments posted to the Painterly Path may influence future posts based on the needs, interests, and concerns of the reader.  The Painterly Path is a website that offers ideas in creativity for children, therefore, profanity and lewd or offensive language is not allowed.  Inappropriate and offensive comments will be screened out and offenders may be blocked from posting further comments.  Appropriate comments will be visible to the public.


The content and photography in the Painterly Path is the intellectual property of Gina Fera.  It may not be used without written permission from me. 

The exceptions are pictures of famous works of art used throughout the website.  These images  are under public domain, meaning for public use. 

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