About The Painterly Path Children’s Art

The Painterly Path: Creative children’s art activities 

The Painterly Path Children's art activities

About Children’s art at The Painterly Path

If you believe that creativity and the Arts play an important role in a child’s development, The Painterly Path is a resource for you.  Artistic expression can help kids grow emotionally, socially, and academically.  The art activities featured here are presented in a way that is easy to follow and fun to do!

The Painterly Path Children's art activities

What to expect from the Painterly Path’s children’s art activities

Expect to grow in creativity

  • Inspire children to create meaning in their art by recording their thoughts, feelings, and experiences visually.
  •  Foster creative problem solving skills in children.
  •  Encourage children to explore and celebrate their world through art.
  •  Inspire kids to make connections through art to other subject areas such as literature, math, science and social studies.
  •  Create meaningful experiences and artistic keepsakes with your children.

Learn specific art skills for kids

  • Learn the basics of design even for our youngest artists.
  • Explore drawing methods using shapes and lines to simplify the process
  • Learn how to layer multiple art materials for rich and exciting multi-media artwork!
  • Create with a variety of sculpture techniques for building 3D artwork



The Painterly Path Children's art activities



Children’s Art: Ages and Stages

Every art project on the Painterly Path has been road tested with a group of kids or at home with my son.  I usually will note what grade level or age group the art was made with, but don’t let that limit you in choosing an art experience for your child.  Every young person has unique strengths, talents, and interests.  You know your child best. So, if you see an activity that is of high interest to your young artist you may want to give it a try.

Choosing children’s Art Experiences

  Listed below you can see what general developmental skills I focus on when I develop an art experience for each age range:

Pre-K  through 1st grade (Ages 3-6): Exploring and experimenting with materials and art processes.  Allowing kids to explore a variety of materials, processes and techniques gives them a set of skills they can begin to use to express ideas and feelings as they grow.  They are developing a visual language.  I will often give them a theme to work with that relates directly to their experiences in life, or their imagination.

1st grade through 3rd grade (Ages 6-8): Kids typically have some experience with basic art materials and techniques by now.  They continue to experiment with art materials but now they are also learning how to express their ideas, thoughts, and emotions in their art.  Design elements and principles are a focus at these ages.  I often give themes about expressing feelings, experiences, observations in life, and their imagination.

3rd grade through 6th grade (Ages 8-11):  The focus at these ages is on communicating ideas, thoughts, imagination, and emotions visually.  We think about how we can relay a visual message to others through art.  We study how other artists do that by using art elements and principals as a visual language. 



The Ending of Rain by my son, 5 years old

You can read more about my own creative journey on my About Page.

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